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HealthStaff, Inc.
1915 Huguenot Road
Suite 1
Richmond, VA 23235
Phone: 804-897-2346 or
Fax: 804-897-2379
Since our opening in 1997, HealthStaff, Inc. has been dedicated to matching our staff's
needs with our clients' needs. We are owner operated so your success is our success.
HealthStaff, Inc.
Delivering value through people.
Built on over a decade of experience with health care  facilities,
government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, HealthStaff,
Inc. prides itself on the provision of professional manpower
support to optimize the workforce capability of our customers.
HealthStaff, Inc. specializes in providing a broad base of medical
and human services support which permit our customers to
increase their staffing flexibility to suit their short and long term
staffing needs.

HealthStaff, Inc. customers are positioned in a diverse set of
industries including: manufacturing, health care, and government.
While these organizations differ in size and focus, they all
recognize the importance of human resources and maintaining
appropriate staffing levels with consideration of budgetary
restrictions facing all organizations.